Watch Todd Rust’s message about the importance of ‘defensive driving’ and listening carefully to safety advice.


Watch Todd Rust’s message about the importance of ‘defensive driving’ and listening carefully to safety advice.

Todd Rust, a Mechanical Journeyman who works in the South Side maintenance Shop, talks about how he was told to wait at the red-light for all the street cars to be stopped before going, even when the traffic light was Green. At first Todd thought that it was a little silly, but he listened carefully and waited. Over the years Todd came to realize that quite a few drivers on West Center Street may run the red-light or not see it. Thanks to this realization, Todd practices his defensive driving skills by always waiting at the red-light for all the cars to be stopped. Todd’s message is that if someone takes the time to tell you something about safety, listen carefully to it and apply it to your own life. They have probably already seen it happen.

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