Watch Keith Kiker, Champion of SEAL TEAM FIVE: SCOUTS and hear his safety story.

Keith Kiker, Maintenance describes his experience.

Keith Kiker, maintenance department and champion of Seal Team Five: SCOUTS describes an incident at the mill in where 2 fellow employees were injured while working on an oil tank. The environment of the job site changed when an oil truck filled the tank while the workers were away. Listen to Keith’s story.

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Bill MacPherson:  I think this quotation from Shawn Galloway’s book, STEPS to Safety Cultural Excellence, communicates my vision of Safety perfectly.

“Most employees already have an intrinsic desire to win in safety. They want to return home injury-free and, to many of the workforce, this is winning. Unfortunately, they are incorrect. To win is not the absence of failure and safety is not the absence of injury. But herein lies the challenge: what does winning look like in safety, how aligned is everyone on this, and how do you create a sense of winning after you have achieved zero injuries?  Some activities contribute to results, some only contribute to luck. The focus should be on activities that add value and advance the culture to sustain the injury-prevention efforts and activities that capture more hearts and minds. Otherwise, safety excellence comes to mean “no injuries”, a dangerous cultural belief that reinforces risk-taking, as long as you don’t get hurt.”


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